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Curate literally means "hand selected, organized,
and presented using professional or expert knowledge." 

In your case it will be Chef Zafar who will be custom picking dishes for your menu and presenting them in a private, intimate setting.


The idea of curated dining is relatively new in India, and The Curated Plate by CHEF ZAFAR is the first of its kind in Bangalore. This concept was developed for guests to have a superb experience. It starts with a completely customized menu featuring amazing cuisine from around the world (over 60 countries and 70,000 recipes), to satiate the inquisitive palate, but extends to superb service, and a wonderful ambience, whether it be formal or casual.

This differs from restaurant dining, even at 5-star
restaurants, as the menu is literally
unlimited in scope. Set in intimate privacy with just your selected guests, the service is targeted to keep you comfortable and happy, while enjoying a beautifully plated and delicious meal. 
This is also a dinner for those who want an
adventure in food. Although Chef Zafar does cook
all the standard dishes, this dinner is about opening
you palate to new flavors from around the world,
new dishes from come favorite cuisines. The culinary experience is about exploring fabulous
dishes without limitations. This is a dinner for the brave and gutsy eater.

~ Excellent food & wonderful ambience done perfectly right ~



We start with a conversation with Chef Zafar to discuss your likes, dislikes, allergies and dietary restrictions. We also discuss your favourite foods, cuisines from around the world, meats and flavours. Chef Zafar will use this information to curate a menu specifically for your party using his wide array of recipes from world cuisines and cooking skills. The menu will be discussed and is completely adjustable till you get everything you want. 


Chef Zafar has a wide array of cooking expertise and can cater to any of the following:

  • Vegan and Vegetarian

  • All allergies: Gluten, lactose, shellfish, nuts or anything else

  • He has expertise in global cuisine:

    • European: Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mediterranean, French, and more

    • Asian: Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Burmese, Indonesian, and more

    • Americas: North American, Mexican, and more

    • Middle Eastern: Persian, Arab, Iranian, and more

    • African


(Feel free to ask for any cuisine or any dish, Chef Zafar will always get it on your menu.​)


On the date of the event, your party will arrive at the house of Chef Zafar, located in Vasant Nagar, and indulge in a plated dinner. Alternatively, Chef Zafar can also bring the dinner to the comfort of your home. Each dinner on average lasts over 3 hours and can be a casual relaxed affair, interspersed with stories about the food, cooking techniques and fun facts. Guests can choose to either be formally seated, starting with chilled bubbles, or even peep into the open kitchen to see the chef at work. Alternatively, the dinner can be very formal, setting the tone for a corporate dinner with executives or Board Members. The tone and format are completely set by you. 



As a guest, you get to experience the services of a 5-star restaurant dinner and enjoy Chef Zafar's creations at a fraction of the price.

The dinner is 5 courses, traditionally a few appetizers on arrival, a soup, a salad, a main course and a dessert. But again, this format can be completely modified to your desires. There will always be some secret dishes that arrive depending on the menu and the mood of the chef. 

The dinner starts at Rs. 3500 per person.

It is difficult to give an exact price, each dinner is completely customized to the client's likes and wants. The price depends on the cost of ingredients, the costs of the meats and fish, the complexity of the dishes and the number of courses.

High quality, original ingredients & international dishes perfected by experience.

Chef Zafar is very particular about how the dishes are prepared, staying close to the original recipes, especially for international dishes. The best food starts with the best ingredients, and Chef Zafar does this by buying organic vegetables from small farms, free-range meats and eggs, and sustainably caught fish. In addition, to stay as close to the original flavours for international dishes, he uses the original ingredients, the many varieties of Mexican chillies and special herbs and spices, as an example. This obsession with perfection in food is not cheap but is built to delight your palate.

Fresh, organic & healthy is my mantra

+91 98496 06224

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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